Accompany a woman travelling through the wide landscapes of sweden and discover the hidden anomalies, known as The Change.
This is the webGL Build (not a video).

Project Facts

Procedurally generated 2D backgrounds for an endless sidescroller prototype.

NORR is a tech-demo I created as a part of my bachelor thesis. My goal was to combine procedurally generated landscapes with a fitting artstyle.

I created a tech-demo, an artbook and a documentation (german, on request) for my bachelor thesis.

This tech-demo does not include gameplay.

This tech demo was part of my bachelor thesis during my seventh semester at HTW Berlin.
I worked alone on this project.
Working period: October 2018 – January 2019
Used software: Unity3D, Photoshop, Procreate

My fields of responsibility: Prototyping/ conceptual design, Programming, Artstyle creation, Asset Creation, Unity Implementation

My Tasks

Prototyping/Conceptual Design | Programming | Artstyle Creation | Asset Creation | Unity Implementation

Procedural generation is a powerful process for every game designer. Small and big companies can profit from the unlimited content, created by a bit of randomness and some rules. It can create challenging and unique levels for each playthrough in roguelite games, which offer a new experience everytime you play. Or it can create whole worlds for ambitious projects even on a planetary scale. In each use case procedurally generated content offers new advantages, if the game designers and programers are able to tame the chaos. It takes lots of work to define all rules to achieve the result one imagined, but once the work is done it usually can be expanded easily and provides large amounts of content for the players.

I think the process to design such procedural generation is extremely interesting and valuable for my future as a game developer, therefore I wanted to include this in my project.

Another idea came to me when I played a 2D game about exploration. I loved the feeling of wonder and wanted to create my own take on this idea. The curiosity of exploring a new country with its unique nature and landscape was a vision I tried to implement in my project. This works especially well with procedural generation, so I decided to build my bachelor project around this topic.

It was a big challenge to combine tech and art but I am really happy with the result.


Textbook (German)

Build (35MB)